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Stalis Area Information

``A gift of Gods to man`` is a justifiable characterization of the modern tourist resort, Stalida. The name of that beautiful village, belonging in the municipality of Malia, comes from the ancient Greek place name, Stalis.

Goods produced in the area from Lassithi (olive-oil, wine, bananas, and horticultural goods)

Also there you can find the cave which Zeus was born due to Greek Mythology 30km from our Hotel

Heraklion, with Airport and Port, beautiful city centre and Knossos, the largest Bronze Age archaeological site on Crete, probably the ceremonial and political center of the worldwide known Minoan civilization and culture.

Hospitality is the main feature of the locals, who will welcome you and make you feel at home. Stalida is ideal for family holidays and is famous for its very good climatic conditions (very dry climate). Wander along the coastal road.

You will come across very modern, sophisticated restaurants, clubs, cafes with an ideal atmosphere, as well as numerous stores for your shopping. A common characteristic in all those places is friendliness, smiling people, good quality and excellent service!!

That destination will impress you by all means, since it has succeeded in combining calm and relaxation with magic nights under the moonlight by the coast, accompanied by the Cretan spirits, tsikoudia, good wine, exquisite Cretan food and traditional music. Good cheers and joy will certainly make your nights.

Your mind will always go back in that astounding corner of Crete, captive by the charms of that dreamy destination.

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